Academic Calendar

Curricular Program
Note:  Each week, students attend their own private lesson and also a Group Lesson and a Reading Class.  Attending all three every week helps a student excel quickly and confidently.  If you want your child to succeed and use their Music all their lives, then please make every effort to have Perfect Attendance.  Your kids will thank you when they are all grown up and can still remember everything they learned in Music School!

Individual Private Lessons & Overlaps:  August - May
Lessons occur once a week.  60 minutes for Piano, 30 minutes for Voice.  (A program of lessons two or three times per week is available for more rapid advancement.  Please consult the teacher if interested.)  Parents attend with their students.  

Mid-Year Breaks are as follows:

  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Christmas & New Year's Break 
  • Easter Break 

Summer Session:  June - July
We have a flexible schedule during June and July.  Students schedule 4 private or duo lessons (their choice — some students choose to have their summer lessons with one of their friends from the Group Lessonsangel), at any frequency they desire.  Students can plan a 4-Day Intensive, or they can spread the 4 lessons out over the 2 months. 

During this time, Mrs. Lichtenstein attends continuing-education conferences and the state convention (See below for exciting State-Wide Student Activities each Summer!), revises lesson schedules, reviews curriculum, and organizes the studio for the coming year.  Therefore, lessons need to be scheduled to fit both the students' summer schedule and Mrs. Lichtenstein's schedule.

Group Lessons ("Performance Classes"):  September - May

One weekday evening per week, from 5:30 - 6:30 or 7:00 p.m. (flexible ending time, based on student needs that day).  Parents attend with their students.    Students may attend additional Group Lessons at no charge.

Students develop social confidence and presentation skills as they play pieces for each other in an informal recital setting.  After the informal recital time, they play musical games

** Siblings, grandparents, and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend as our audience.

Reading Classes (Learning to read music fluently):  September - May

One class per week.  30 minutes.  Class day and time depends on the student's reading level.  Parents attend with their students.  Students may attend additional Reading Classes at no charge.

Students develop reading fluency using exercises, games, and singing.  Learning to read is what makes it easy and quick to learn songs!


Studio Recitals

Composition Project & Composers' Recital:  January - February

Each of the students will work with the teacher to develop a musical composition.  All of the compositions will be presented by the student composers and their teacher at a special Composers' Recital.  The student composers may also enter their pieces for publication in Clavier's Piano Explorer magazine.

Spring Formal Recital:  May

This is an exciting recital for students.  They dress in their formal best, and prepare to use all the performance skills they have practiced at the weekly Informal Recitals.  They also look forward to the elegant finger-foods reception that the parents and teacher have prepared for after the main event.  Students are invited to bring artwork, handicrafts, and collections to display at the reception.  All student-families are encouraged to invite guests.

Regional Student Events

Fall Honors Recital:  October

Students who have worked hard and excelled in their piano studies are invited to perform along with other select students from the San Angelo area.  It is a great honor to play in this recital.  This is a non-competitive opportunity.

Spring Regional Honors Solo & Collaborative Recital:  April

Students who have worked hard and excelled in their piano studies are invited to perform along with other select students from the San Angelo area.  Students may enter solos, or they may play, sing, or join in duets and ensembles.  As with the Fall Honors Recital, it is a great honor to play in this regional event.  This is a non-competitive opportunity.

Regional Music Festival:  March

Students are invited to participate in the San Angelo Music Teachers' annual Music Festival.  Available offerings are workshops, performance classes, a show by renowned, professional musicians, adjudication for feedback on progress (non-competitive), and an open-book theory exam.


Annual Jazzquerade Recital:  Fall

Students are invited to participate in the San Angelo Music Teachers' annual masquerade-jazz recital.  It's lots of fun!

State-Wide Student Events

Multi-Piano Team Concert Event:  June, out of town
Every year, students are invited to participate in duets and trios with other piano students on 15 grand pianos — with thousands of students from all over Texas!  This exciting event is truly unique, and offers students a rare opportunity, of playing in a piano orchestra.  An orchestra of 15 pianos, with 30-45 students on stage at a time.  What a memorable learning experience!  Students adore this event, and it builds friendships that last a lifetime!

TMTA Student Affiliate Exams, Contests, and Activities:  Various Dates throughout the Year
The Texas Music Teachers Association has exciting activities for students at each year's Annual Convention.  These activities give students two benefits:  First, they see that they are part of a huge and growing movement of students studying music seriously (and enthusiastically!).  Secondly, they earn performance awards, participation credits, and academic medals that are a tangible sign of their growth and progress.  These resume-building achievements are helpful with college applications, as well as validating and affirming the student's hard work.

  • Music Theory Exams
  • Music History Exams
  • Composition Contest
  • Composition Recital
  • Performance Contest
  • Essay Contest
  • Video Essay Contest
  • Some fun events are added in too!  Students love attending this convention!!!